The Best Bistro & Café In Melaka (Malacca)

Melaka (Malacca) has always been known for its historical building, culture and local food. Cafes are popping up at all corners of Melaka (Malacca), especially around the popular tourist spot; such elements remain strong, as observed from their fusion dishes served in charming heritage buildings. We can enjoy delicious big breakfasts and coffee in this historical city.

Hard Rock Café Melaka

Hard Rock Café Melaka

Hard Rock Café  Melaka is located at Jonker Walk, beside the Melaka River, Hard Rock Cafe Melaka has to offer delicious food while enjoying the fantastic view of the majestic Melaka River.

Geographer Café Jonker Street Malacca

Geographer Café

Geographér Café is conveniently located in a conspicuous corner pre-war shophouse right at Jonker Walk. Geographér Café promotes healthy food which taste good. Food is prepared without using MSG..

The Daily Fix Café - Melaka

The Daily Fix Café

The Daily Fix Café is located at Jonker Walk, Melaka. This café is located inside Next KK on Jalan Hang Jebat, The Daily Fix is popular with pancakes, they serve sandwich, pasta, salad, snacks, homemade cakes, coffee etc.

The Stolen Cup - Melaka

The Stolen Cup

The Stolen Cup is located at Jonker Walk. The Stolen Cup is a modest café that serve Coffee, French Viennoieries, and French- Melbourne Brunch. The majority of their food, including pastries and bread is made in-house.

GravyBaby Melaka

Restoran GravyBaby

GravyBaby Melaka is located at Lorong Hang Jebat, near to Jonker Walk Melaka, Gravybaby Melaka is located beside the Melaka River, we will get a beautiful river view at the same time enjoy our Cocktails & Pies in this restaurant.

Backlane Coffee - Melaka

Backlane Coffee

Backlane Coffee is located at Jonker Street, beside the Family Mart and near to the Jonker Street performance stage. 129, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75 200 Melaka, Malaysia.

Heesan Kopi Melaka

Heesan Kopi

Heesan Kopi is located at Jonker Street. Heesan Kopi provides a cozy atmosphere to visitors who would like to take a break and have a cup of coffee in your trip at Jonker Walk.



Vanilla Crepe & Lilimi is located at Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat), the heart of Melaka. This a crossover between VANILLA Crepe & LILIMI to bring a brand new experience & desire lifestyle for customers.

The Coffee JAR

The Coffee JAR

The Coffee JAR is  small coffee shop located in the heritage alley of Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka, serving a selection of great brew including Cakes, Coffee, Coffee Beans, Desserts etc.

The Baboon House - Main Entrance

The Baboon House

The Baboon House is a non halal café located Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, near to Jonker Walk. The Baboon House fills itself with outstanding art pieces and a scenic greenery view of draped plants for patrons. 

Street Barista Café @ Jonker - Maleka

Kafe Street Barista

Street Barista is located at Jalan Hang Lekir, near to Jonker Street. 3, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Mods Café – Artisan Hand Roasted Coffee

Mods Café

Mods Café is one of the most retro coffee shop in Melaka, the main attraction of this café has a bright orange 1978 Volkswagon that is park proudly inside the café. This café  is also filled with vintage and antique decors along with wood planks and brick walls.

Lōukót Kafe – Briyani, Chai & Teh :

Lōukót Kafe

Loukot Kafe is located at Jalan Tukang Emas, with another name of Harmony Street, near to Jonker Walk. Loukot Kafe is famous with the Biryani, Chai and Tea.

Eat at 18 - Melaka

Eat at 18

Eat at 18 is a quaint café located in Jalan Hang Leiku. The front of this café has a lot of flowers that gives a “hole in the wall” café.  This café served comfort and simple food, fresh baked organic breads, cookies and desserts, and all natural ingredients.

Locahouz Melaka


Locahouz is a beautiful hidden treasure located at Jalan Bukit Cina. This is a non-halal café with it popular Signature Pork Belly Hot Sauce Bao-ger & Melaka Kopi Ais.

Calanthe Art Café

Calanthe Art Café

Calanthe Art Café is located at Jalan Hang Kasturi, about 120 meters from Jonker Walk, Melaka. Calanthe Art Café is the first and only one café in Melaka which serves Malaysia 13 States’ Coffees, Local Foods, and Homemade Desserts.

The Bridge Café

The Bridge Café

The Bridge Café is located at Lorong Jabatan off Jalan Kampung Pantai, about 500 meters from Jonker Walk. The Bridge Café is a Halal Restaurant, it is serving pasta, coffee, tea and local foods.

Truly Two Café - Melaka

Truly Two Café

Truly Two Café is a certificated halal café located at Jalan PNBB 2, Melaka. Truly Two Café is famous place for “Shakes & Desserts” among the Melaka peoples and tourists. Truly Two Café popular with its ice cream, pancakes, magnificent milkshakes, pavlovas as well as everyone’s favorite waffles etc.

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