Chinese Restaurant In Melaka (Malacca)

Malaysian Chinese cuisine is derived from the culinary traditions of Chinese Malaysian immigrants and their descendants, who have adapted or modified their culinary traditions under the influence of Malaysian culture as well as immigration patterns of Chinese to Malaysia. The following is the list of Chinese Restaurants that get high attention from tourists to Melaka (Malacca).

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice Or Chicken Rice Ball – Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, Kedai Kopi Chung Wan, Restoran LIM JIT.
2. Satay Celup – Ban Lee Siang, Capitol Satay Celup, McQuek’s Satay Celup.
3. Nyonya Laksa – Jonker 88, Old Days Shop 1796.
4. Popiah – Popiah Da Zhong, Bunga Raya Popiah, Poh Piah Lwee.
5. Cendol – Jonker 88, The Kappan House
6. Seafood Hawker Stalls – Capitol Seafood, Tong Bee Stall.
7. Dim Sum – Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室)
8. Malaysian Chinese Breakfast – Xiang • Ah Ma Ho Liao

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball 古城雞飯粒

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball is located at Jonker Walk, they have two restaurants in Jonker Street. The main cuisine including Kampung (Village) Chicken, Steam Chicken. Roasted Chicken, BBQ Pork, Roasted Pork, Asam Fish, Otak-otak (Steam Fish Cake), Braised Egg, Beam Sprout, Fishball / Porkball Soup etc. 

Kedai Kopi Chung Wan Melaka 中华茶室(海南鸡饭)

Kedai Kopi Chung Wan Melaka

Kedai Kopi Chung Wan is located at the Jonker Street, this a Chinese Restaurant with its famous Hainan Chicken Rice, they serves the rice in the ball shaped like a ping pong, or call as Chicken Rice Ball. This restaurant is one of the popular chicken rice ball restaurant in Melaka.

Restoran LIM JIT 马六甲鸡场街林记鸡粒饭

Restoran LIM JIT

Restoran Lim Jit is just located near to Jonker Street, this Chinese restaurant popular with their Hainanese Chicken Rice or Chicken Rice Ball in Melaka.

Jonker 88 Melaka

Jonker 88

Jonker 88 is a famous halal Chinese restaurant located at Jonker Street, Melaka. This restaurant popular with Nyoya Asam Laksa, Baba Laksa, Baba Cendol, Durian Cendol etc. 

Old Days Shop 1796 王老爹

Old Days Shop 1796

Old Days Shop 1796 is a Halal Chinese Restaurant located at Jonker Street (Jonker Walk), Old Days Shop 1796 serves nyonya food, chicken rice ball, asam laksa noodles, chicken rice, coconut shake, cendol etc.

Lao Jie Jia Xiang Wei Restaurant Melaka

Lao Jie Jia Xiang Wei

Lao Jie Jia Xiang Wei Restaurant (老街家乡味餐饮家) is located at the end of the Jonker Walk. This Chinese Restaurant serves Satay, Portuguese Grill Fish, Chinese Cuisine such steam fish, asam fish, stir fried prawn/chicken etc. Their most popular food is Satay.

Restoran Ban Lee Siang 万里香沙爹朱律(正宗)

Restoran Ban Lee Siang

Restoran Ban Lee Siang is located at Jalan Ong Kim Wee, about 2KM from Jonker Walk. Ban Lee Siang is one of the popular restaurant with their Satay Celup.

Kedai Makan & Minum Ban Lee Siang 万里香沙爹朱律(老字号)

Kedai Makan & Minum Ban Lee Siang

Kedai Makan & Minum Ban Lee Siang is located at Jalan Ong Kim Wee, about 2KM from the main tourist spot in Melaka. This is one of the famous Satay Celup restaurant in Melaka.

Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant 佳必多沙爹朱律

Capitol Satay Celup

Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant was started in 1900 in way of Kandar Pole Satay. Until the name of Capitol Satay since 1950 and was formerly known as Luk Luk or Satay Celup in Melaka. They have closed down their Bukit Cina restaurant in Dec 2021, and been relocated the restaurant to Kota Syahbandar in March 2022.

McQuek's Satay Celup

McQuek's Satay Celup

McQuek’s Satay Celup is located at Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, about 3 KM from Jonker Walk. 

Capitol Seafood - Longkang Siham

Capitol Seafood

Capitol Seafood (Longkang Siham) is located at the back alley off the busy main road Jalan Bunga Raya, “Longkang Siham” remains one of the most unique and historical street stalls in Malacca selling fresh boiled fresh cockles, clams, sotong (squid), and other varieties of fresh seafood.

Tong Bee Stall (東美檔) - Longkang Siham

Tong Bee Stall 東美檔

Tong Bee Stall is located along Jalan Bunga Raya hidden at the back alleys (longkang). Tong Bee Stall is famous with the fresh boiled shell food, this stall is serving various type of shell food including Kerang (鲜蛤), Balitong (吸螺), Kupang (青耗), Siput Laut (角螺), Siput Sawah (田螺), Lala Bamboo (竹滩), Kangkung Sotong etc.

Bunga Raya Popiah ( 春興薄饼) - Melaka

Bunga Raya Popiah

Bunga Raya Popiah is famous popiah in this historical town. Bunga Raya Popiah is traditional road side hawker, this road side hawker is located at Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka.

Poh Piah Lwee 香薄饼食家 - Melaka

Poh Piah Lwee

Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Poh Piah Lwee is located at Jalan Kubu, near to Jonker Walk. This is a Chinese Restaurant serves the following cuisine 1. Poh Piah Lwee 2. Nyonya Dumpling 3. Rojak (Mix Fruits) 4. Nyonya Laksa 5. Minced Meat & Mushroom Noodle.

Popiah Ta Chong Melaka / 马六甲大衆薄饼

Popiah Ta Chong / 马六甲大衆薄饼

Popiah (薄餅) is a type of fresh spring roll commonly found in Malaysia, Popiah is a popular street food in Melaka. Ta Chong Popiah (大衆薄饼) is one of the famous Popiah food stalls in Melaka.

Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室) - Melaka

Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室) - Dim Sum

Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室) is one of the popular Dim Sum restaurants in Melaka, this Dim Sum restaurant is located in Jalan Tukang Emas, in the Jonker Street area. You can enjoy Chinese Dim Sum as your breakfast during your time in Melaka.

Xiang • Ah Ma Ho Liao (巷 • 阿嬷好料)

Xiang • Ah Ma Ho Liao (巷 • 阿嬷好料)

Xiang • Ah Ma Ho Liao (巷 • 阿嬷好料) is a Chinese traditional coffee shop with their slogan of “Let you return to the feeling of grandma making coffee in the 60s and 70s”. This coffee shop offers traditional Malaysian breakfast such as coffee, soft-boiled eggs, kaya toast, nasi lemah, nasi ayam etc.

The Kappan House Restaurant 甲板屋

The Kappan House

The Kappan House is a Chinese restaurant located at Jalan Tukang Emas, the road beside the Jonker Walk. The popular cuisine in this restaurant including Kappan Cendol, Special Fried Noodle / Bihun / Rice, Hakka Yong Tau Foo etc.

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